Friday 26th November 2010

Although this morning had a relatively small number of people attending the South Cambridge Coffee Morning, we all had a really good laugh sitting on the bar stools around the centre table & in a way it felt a bit to formal with people going into a round table 60 second. As the atmosphere began to stiffen up Peter Howarth moved round to the head of the table turned to his right and in stereo typical formats started asking Elisabeth Goodman the what do you do question followed by yet another question just after she answered the first question.

It was a brilliant performance role-played by Peter and Elisabeth whish gave us all a good laugh, broke the ice and got everyone to relax chatting over coffee and get to know each other as usual. (what I found amassing is how after that moment of timely humour it was as if we all knew each other even though everyone except me have not met anyone around the table before)

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